09.28.17Assignment 4

Dear NYU Game Audio Class,

This week, please download the Viking Village level from the Unity store.

Using the techniques described in the GameAudioTutLevel_01 please add sounds whenever appropriate, and use the scripts from the tutorial level to give your sounds and level more life.

Randomize pitch and amplitude of sounds, localization, use trigger zones etc..

Please bring your work to class and be prepared to show it and discuss it.

Have fun!

09.21.17Assignment 3

Dear NYU Game Audio class,

This week, please download the game 2D Roguelike from the Unity Asset store.

1. Install the game on your machine. Create a new Unity project, name it Rogue_Lastname and import the package in it.

2. Replace all the soundFX currently in the game.

3. Improve the audio implementation to the best of your abilities at this point. For instance add pitch and volume variation where needed.

4. In a short one page paper, please explain your work, describe the features you were able to implement, and those that you were not able to but think would improve the game.

Have fun!



09.14.17Assignment 2

Dear NYU Game Audio Enthusiasts,

1. If you are done with the breakout game, tackle the next Lynda.com tutorial Unity: Scripting with C# by Kelley Hecker.

2. Add sounds whenever appropriate to the game. Enemies, coins hovering, coin pick up, ambience, reverb, health warning etc..

(Do not worry about footsteps yet, we will work with animations soon)

Save your project and bring it to class.

Have fun!